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Appeal for help

Dearest friends of Serbia and Southeastern Europe, The town of Mali Zvornik and its municipal centre are located on the right bank of the river Drina, facing the constant threats from the effects caused by catastrophic floods.

Blocked by mud and lanslides, this town is isolated from the rest of the country.

After long economic decline in the 90s, this can also bring about a long term economic collapse and a great migration of local population! 2014 flooding was the largest one that occurred in the last 120 years in Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Croatia.The region is in the state of chaos.

This flodd has already claimed more than 40 lives; hundreds of thousands families were left homeless, without any food, access to clean water, electricity and dry clothes. Roads and bridges are swept away. River Drina having swollen over its banks, spreaded out, flooding the streets on its way, making its way into people's homes and leaving behind the complete devastation. Many surrounding villages and hamlets are still cut off from the rest of the world, with no roads and infrastructure of any kind.

Obrenovac city, situated near the Serbian capital city Belgrade was worst hit by the first flooding wave, in the night of May 16th. Leeves failed and river Kolubara flooded the entire city in amtter of hours, thus not allowing people to leave their homes. Other cities in Serbia, such as Šabac, Svilajnac, Smederevska Palanka, Krupanj, Bajina Bašta, our small town Mali Zvornik as well as many other towns and villages were also ruined in the course of this natural disaster.

Please, show us your solidarity and send much needed humanitarian aid! We will inform you of any new development online and keep up to date the map of flooded areas in Mali Zvornik, videos and information in English.

I’d like to express my deepest gratitude for your kindness, patience, care and dedicated time. I would appreciate if you can suggest me what organizations to contact for help in

• heavy machinery,
• stabilization of landslides,
• road building,
• pumps for draining current landslides
• ATVs
• police Vehicle 4X4 - SUV
• firefighter truck
• ambulance.

Thank you!

e-mail: Ова адреса ел. поште је заштићена од спамботова. Омогућите JavaScript да бисте је видели.
Phone: + 381 15 471 300
Fax: + 381 15 471 885
web: www.malizvornik.rs








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